LFN Core Series

Our very own, original LFN educational material, organized into "Series" with unique formats and types of content. Enjoy!

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Clinical Pearls

The application of clinical knowledge to a individual patient is often filled with nuance and is hardly straightforward. In the Clinical Pearls series, we aim to use a case-based format to learn how broader concepts within hepatology can be applied in various unique settings.

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Conversations with an Expert

A series of video interviews, each with a professional who is chosen specifically to highlight an area of expertise that we feel is crucial to training in hepatology.

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Evidence Corner

Welcome to Evidence Corner. Here we try to explain the data behind the clinical decisions we make through deep-diving studies that have shaped how we treat patients with liver disease. For each clinical question, we’ve chosen a single study and with our digestible slides, we try to concisely highlight the key aspects of the study.

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Pathology Pearls

Do you feel that liver pathology can be elusive? Difficult to grasp? Let us help you learn how to interpret liver biopsies with our Pathology Pearls series!

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"Liver Talks", the official podcast of Liver Fellow Network, is a monthly, occasionally irreverent podcast delving deep into the world of hepatology.

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The Why? Series

Why is ascites always treated with a combination of furosemide and spironolactone? Why is the AST usually higher than ALT in alcoholic hepatitis? The Why? Series aims to answer your burning questions about the "dogma" of liver disease, using a combination of basic physiology, scientific evidence, and clinical experiential knowledge.

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Tools of the Trade

A space where we will post resources (clinical, administrative, or otherwise) dedicated to helping you make the most out of your fellowship.