Liver Talks: The Remaining Challenges of Treating Hepatitis C

Liver Talks: The Remaining Challenges of Treating Hepatitis C

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Much like Thin Lizzy, we’re back…in town?….it’s a new year and a new season of Liver Talks! In this episode, we focus on the challenge of achieving hepatitis C elimination with Dr. Ponni Perumalswami, hepatologist from the University of Michigan. We start by outlining our hopes for this next series of episodes (0:00-3:03), followed by an illuminating discussion with Dr. Perumalswami (3:07-31:36). Finally, we discuss a paper outlining a novel identification and linkage to treatment program for HCV (31:55-41:44).


Innovations in Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment (Segment 2):

AASLD/IDSA Hepatitis C Living Document:

An innovative approach to increase viral hepatitis diagnoses and linkage to care using opt-out testing and an integrated care pathway in a London Emergency Department (Segment 3):

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Transplant Hepatologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Transplant Hepatology Fellow, Mount Sinai Hospital

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