Liver Tweetorials

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List of Tweetorials

Antibiotics for variceal hemorrhageCirrhosis ComplicationsTony Breu
Why is the liver able to regnerate?OtherAvraham Cooper
Low Alkaline Phosphatase in Wilson’sOtherSteven Chen
The Hepatitis B VaccineInfectionsElliot Tapper
General CirrhosisGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Pain ControlGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Differential for ALT & AST in the 1000sGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Liver Test InterpretationGeneral CirrhosisRobert Centor
Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia in Liver DysfunctionGeneral CirrhosisTony Breu
Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia & Gilbert’s SyndromeGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Perioperative ManagementGeneral CirrhosisLizzie Aby
AscitesGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
PrognosisGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
ReadmissionsGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Beta BlockersGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper

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