Liver Tweetorials

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List of Tweetorials

Low Alkaline Phosphatase in Wilson’sOtherSteven Chen
The Hepatitis B VaccineInfectionsElliot Tapper
General CirrhosisGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Pain ControlGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Differential for ALT & AST in the 1000sGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Liver Test InterpretationGeneral CirrhosisRobert Centor
Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia in Liver DysfunctionGeneral CirrhosisTony Breu
Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia & Gilbert’s SyndromeGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Perioperative ManagementGeneral CirrhosisLizzie Aby
AscitesGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
PrognosisGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
ReadmissionsGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Beta BlockersGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper
Palliative Care in Advanced Liver DiseaseGeneral CirrhosisArpan Patel
Portal HypertensionGeneral CirrhosisElliot Tapper

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